Zones of Avoidance – read the poem online

Thanks to One Hand Clapping for publishing the long poem sequence from ‘Zones of Avoidance’.

Zones of Avoidance

The long poem  ‘Zones of Avoidance’ that provides the central spine to the live literature production was recently re-published by online magazine ‘1handclapping’.

Writer and publisher Simon Jenner comments:

“Breathtaking incandescent with loss and a zig zag recovery. Nothing I’ve read quite has its flying-crooked gift as Graves said of the Cabbage White. There’s a point where this takes off from the narrative and becomes a secular trip – without the religion of drugs. An imagination. I’ll need a while to come down. This is a wonderful gift out of a terrible one.”

Click here to read the poem »

The live literature production is still available for performances. Contact Maggie Sawkins via this website.

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