Poetry for the Community: An Interview with Maggie Sawkins

Thank you to Lauren Jones and The Eldon Review for this interview.

The Eldon Review

Maggie Sawkins won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry for her live literature performance Zones of Avoidance. She lives in Portsmouth, where she delivers creative writing projects in community and healthcare settings. Lauren Jones recently caught up with her.

Maggie will be well known to many readers, having established the Tongues and Grooves local spoken word event in 2003. Since that time performance poetry has blossomed as an art form across the UK, and its current popularity in Portsmouth is evident from recent events. ‘The Blood Jet of Poetry last month,’ Maggie told me, ‘was packed out.’ As part of the South Downs Poetry Festival, it featured a dozen published poets.

Maggie’s new poetry collections, Many Skies Have Fallen, is deeply personal. In the introduction to the book she calls it ‘a response to the tragic death of my daughter’s partner, Janusz Jasicki, who…

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