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Creative Writing Workshops at Cranstoun Community Drug Action, Portsmouth

‘The facilitator provided a hugely diverse range of resources and exercises which reflected the different needs and abilities of group members. Many of our service users have difficulty in getting in touch with and communication their feelings. Creative writing seemed to offer safe and/or new ways for them to explore hidden feelings/places inside and express them safely.

In addition, everyone who took part in the group was able to produce work even from early on which I’m sure was due to the way the facilitator Maggie was able to inspire and motivate people. This inevitably led to people’s self-esteem being raised.

Overall, the group was a resounding success with lots of positive feedback from group participants. The group feel so confident about their experience and the work they’ve produced that they have asked to arrange themselves a presentation of their work.

The group complemented the programme Cranstoun offers well as it offered people different (and perhaps more creative) therapeutic tools which they could use to address some of their issues around substance misuse. In this sense I’d say the group was therapeutic without being therapy. As we already offer a lot of therapy at Cranstoun, this worked harmoniously with or programme.’

Linda Spence

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