Guest blog post: Andrew Waterhouse and the seventh syllable, by Helena Nelson

Thanks Helen for taking the time to introduce us to Andrew Waterhouse and his work. I’m going to buy one of his books.

Anthony Wilson


I am delighted to welcome Helena Nelson to continue our series on overlooked poets.

Andrew Waterhouse and the Seventh Syllable

Poets come and go. They enter your life with their poems. They get older. They die.

You don’t actively miss them. You move, as they say, on. Besides, you have poems of your own to write.

But sometimes it’s not so easy. You think of certain writers with pain and regret. You go back to their poems and there’s the poet, still inside the lines, circling round and round and looking out at you, like a goldfish behind glass. You want them to explain themselves, but the only explanation they can or will give is right here. Right here in the poems. And you still don’t get it.

Or this is how it is for me with Andrew Waterhouse, who died (it was a suicide) in 2001. I go back…

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