Zones of Avoidance

Why Zones of Avoidance?

I’d been researching about walls as a subject for a series of poems. The largest known wall I discovered is The Coma Wall. It’s  200 million light years away and is the largest known superstructure in the universe. It’s impossible to tell where it ends because the gas and dust from the Milky Way (the Zone of Avoidance) obscures the view.

Thoughts on using wall as (quite an obvious) metaphor.

You can get used to being a wall.

Walls are silent. Walls don’t retaliate. Walls are for leaning against. But if you act like a wall for long enough someone might knock a nail into you; lean something, or someone against you. Might fire a bullet above their head.

That’s the time to wake up. The time to unwall.

Zone of Avoidance as metaphor

A barrier to:

  •  clarity
  •  honesty
  •  intimacy
  •  pain

which links to my other preoccupation: The Karpman Drama Triangle (persecutor, rescuer, victim) and its relevance to addiction and co-dependency  – the subject of this production.

I think I may be mixing metaphors but I hope it’ll all become clear in the end!

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